Road Hero Space Saver Wheel Kit


Introducing: The RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit

Wheelwright have teamed up with one of Europe’s leading Space Saver steel wheel manufacturers to deliver the most comprehensive space saver wheel kit on the market, featuring a space saver wheel, tyre, jack and brace all packaged in a simple and tidy bag.

The Problem: No Spare Wheel? Just Slime?

The RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit solves a genuine problem – and the demand is high. For many years, Wheelwright have delivered a steel wheel programme, featuring full-size steel wheels for over 95% of the car park, manufactured by Alcar Stahlrad in Germany.

However, with wheel-wells getting smaller; and manufacturers opting to save weight by only supplying cars with tyre-slime rather than any form of spare wheel, the need is great. Tyre Slime is one solution, which many are happy to use, but more people demand a genuine wheel replacement to get them home safely. This is where RoadHero comes in.

In an article for Which? Car, Rob Hull explains the results of their investigation into Spare Wheels (or the lack thereof): “I’ve learnt that the demise of the spare wheel concerns you just as much as it concerns me. And our latest investigation has found even fewer spare wheels are being made available as standard on new cars.”

Hull continues: “We analysed the specifications of 8,755 mainstream new car models on the market currently. And we found just 29.5% come with a space-saver or full-size spare wheel as standard. The majority (50%) come with a tyre repair kit, while the remaining 20.5% have run-flat tyres fitted. It seems that the manufacturers’ efforts to make vehicles more fuel efficient is driving this shift from full-size spare wheels to puncture repair kits.”

With the cost to replace a single-use tyre sealant being over £50; and the cost to replace the damaged tyre (motorists will have to replace and not repair any tyre which has been temporarily repaired by slime etc), it soon mounts up to not only being unfathomably inconvenient, but also expensive. Not to mention the fact that tyre sealant kits will not repair a tyre which has suffered a blowout.

Hull explains the demand in numbers: “We’ve already met with some car-makers to discuss the future of the spare wheel. However, the response so far is that they haven’t received enough feedback from owners voicing their concerns about the lack of spare wheels as standard. And yet, 1,393 of you responded to our poll last year, with 93% saying spare wheels should be offered as standard on all cars. Only 1% were in favour of having a tyre repair kit as standard.”

With the condition of UK roads demising, and car makers seemingly ignoring consumer’s needs, the need is real.


UK Cars with Spare Wheels

People demanding spare wheels

Number of puncture related incidents

The Solution: RoadHero

Space Saver Wheel and Tyre

Space Saver Spare Wheel and Tyre

A space saver spare wheel and tyre in the correct fitment for your vehicle.

Jack and Brace

Jack & Brace

Robust jack and wheel brace to allow you to change your wheel safely and efficiently.

Space Saver Wheel and Tool Kit

Conveniently Stowed

Conveniently stowed tools ensure the kit fits in small, modern wheel-wells.

Handy Storage Bag

Handy Bag

The RoadHero kit is stored in a convenient bag, ideal for keeping in the boot if no wheel-well is available.

Is RoadHero available for my vehicle?

Each RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit is engineered for a specific vehicle fitment, not solely relying on PCD & Offset, but also allowing for brake caliper clearance (X-Factor etc). The wheel & tyre size and combination are also specific to the vehicle and each kit will either be direct-fit, or be supplied with the necessary fixings to ensure a perfect fit. The full vehicle range can be seen here.

When is RoadHero available?

Stock of RoadHero is now available from Wheelwright’s UK warehouse, with next day delivery. You will need to know the make, model and year of your vehicle. We expect demand to be high for this new, innovative product and a number of our retailers are already planning on stocking this across their stores.

RoadHero Spare Wheel Kit

Are you in the trade, and looking to stock/sell RoadHero? Call or email our friendly and knowledgable team today to find out more…

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