New product development by Cobra suspension – Volkswagen Caddy lowering kit

On stock right now! Volkswagen Caddy lowering kit by Cobra Suspension. Cobra listened to the consumers and developed a product to combine a front spring of your preference with the adjustable rear assembly to make it fit your taste! We are excited to present you the perfect solution for lowering your Volkswagen Caddy, next to the already existing coilover kits. Want to know more about these adjusters for the rear spring? Feel free to read our little article below!

The rear adjusters.

The rear assembly consists of two adjusters, which are produced out of sheet metal. Cobra have carefully developed these to fit perfectly onto your Volkswagen Caddy MK3 and MK4. They are suitable for the Caddys with single leaf springs and double leaf springs. Included with an instruction manual to make it easier for install! The rear assembly provides an adjustment range of 45mm to 75mm. The owner of the vehicle can adjust this to his liking to make sure the Caddy still fits the owner’s daily purpose. One Caddy owner wants their vehicle loaded with stones, the other with light insulation. The rear adjusters allows the owner to choose how they want to use they’re vehicle.

The driving characteristics

The Volkswagen Caddy MK3 and MK4 maintain their comfort and practical use with the Cobra Suspension VW Caddy lowering kit. Thanks to the lower ride height the vehicle becomes more stable. At the rear, the original leaf springs are used so that the character is identical to the original. Because of the shortened bump stop, the suspension travel remains more than sufficient and the driver will feel confident with the vehicle. Using the original leaf springs, you can also rest assured that you have the same loading capacity as the original. This specific vehicle has been lowered with 55mm on the front and 55mm on the rear to perfectly match the front. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us for more information.


alloy wheels for VW caddy

We also have a range of wheels to compliment the VW Caddy lowering kit by Cobra Suspension. For more information on selling our products including point of sale request please contact us on.

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