Wheel & Tyre Packages

See how our team builds your wheel & tyre packages...

Wheelwright supply the UK and Europe with the finest aftermarket alloy & steel wheels from top brands including Calibre, Dotz, DRC, Dezent and AEZ. We are renowned in the automotive industry for our efficient, quick service, often getting wheel & tyre packages to retailers as soon as the very next day.

Buying Wheels & Tyres

The customer journey starts with one of our nationwide retail partners, where the decision is made to choose a Wheelwright product. Once a desired style is chosen, the retailer will contact us to check on fitments (based on PCD, Offset and dimensions etc), and stock availability. We pride ourselves on having the UK’s best stock & fitment availability, so more often than not we can service these demands.

Mounting Wheel & Tyre Packages

Once the order has been placed, our highly trained team of wheel & tyre fitters sets to work, starting off by picking the wheels from their native location in our warehouse. We stock a multitude of popular tyres, but should the desired tyre not be in our stock, we will order them from one of our suppliers who can often deliver them the same day. Once the tyres are acquired from our stock or that of the supplier, we then carefully and efficiently mount the tyre to the wheel, fitting a valve in the process. Often, the customer’s vehicle may require TPMS (tyre Pressure Monitoring System) sensor valves – we are the UK distributor of the widest range of OEM and aftermarket/programmable TPMS valves, and we often fit these as part of a customer’s wheel & tyre order.

Balancing Wheel & Tyres

Once the tyre is fitted and inflated to the correct recommended pressure, the unit undergoes a balancing check. Balancing wheels is important as an unbalanced wheel and tyre unit will lead to steering issues, wheel wobble and many more problems. We use hi-tech digital wheel balancing machines to check for any imperfections and rectify any imbalances using high quality balance weights.

Packaging and Dispatch

The wheel and tyre units are then packaged appropriately ready for distribution via our nationwide/pan-european courier network.

See the whole wheel & tyre process in action in our video below:

Our Tyre Brands:

We work closely with some of Europe’s largest tyre distributors to give access to the widest range of budget, economy and premium branded tyre brands. With our network of suppliers, we can often get wheel & tyre packages fitted, balanced and dispatched to you in under 3 days. Our brands include:

Bridgestone Tyres


Firestone Tyres


Maxxis Tyres


Continental Tyres


Goodyear Tyres


Michelin Tyres


Dunlop Tyres


Jinyu Tyres


Nankang Tyres


Falken Tyres


Matador Tyres


Yokohama Tyres


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