BMW E60 530D refresh.

When the time comes during vehicle ownership where you need to start replacing suspension components, comes the excuse and opportunity to upgrade.

As its umbrella companies being one of the largest spring producers in Europe, Cobra suspension has an impressive variety of solutions from commercial to passenger vehicles. For this specific vehicle – 2006 BMW 530D, there are options of 30mm, 50mm as well as custom lowering springs.

A trip to Pete’s Mechanics & Remaps in Ashford, Kent for fitting. Pete shortly notified us after removing the wheels on the lift that one of the coils had snapped on the rear drivers side spring. The BMW 530D had racked 105k miles on the clock, the new Cobra springs were a blessing in disguise!

A time consuming wrench with BMW’s multi link suspension means that this job requires the right tools, patients and expertise to make this job flow as easily as possible. Pete stated the recommended time to replace all springs on a BMW E60 530d was 5 hour and 10 minutes!

After 4 hours the E60 was ready to roll out the shop.

After a road test, allowing the springs to settle. It was pleasant to know that there was no compromise in drivability, or  the dynamics the E60 had from the factory. Only increased turn in response, flatter cornering and more road feel. These springs were custom made 60mm, from the 50mm springs Cobra Suspension have recently developed. Cobra Suspension offers a tailored height for your vehicle whether it be for their lowering springs or height-adjustable coil over suspension.

Taking a step back and seeing the finished product shows the dramatic difference made by the simple and single most important modifications of getting a car sitting at a more aggressive stance.

Getting back to Wheelwright for a change of shoes. DRC DMF – a design which made a perfect match for this model. Black & Polished finish 19×9.5 ET42 with 20mm spacers all round. Perfect.

DRC are a range of aftermarket alloy wheels by Wheelwright that are OE-inspired with JWL & VIA approval.

Cobra springs are developed in their own research centre and produced in factory. A unique combination because the entire process, from development to end result, takes place under one roof. Because of this unique combination, Cobra is not only able to meet your wishes very quickly, but also to develop and supply small series in a quick way.

Lowering coil springs are often installed on cars with pure visual purpose. At Cobra Suspension, road-holding and handling come first. The intensive cooperation with Chiel Bos Suspension Technology, the company of the most successful Dutch rally driver Chiel Bos, guarantees this. Like non other, he knows how a car should feel, and which effect the springs have on road-holding and handling.

 Most lowering sets are tested by the German TÜV and supplied with a certificate. At request, the customer can obtain this certificate.


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