Following the success of the T-Pro™, we are proud to announce that we will also be supplying the second in the chain of multi-protocol, configurable sensors: the T-Pro2™, which will be available to the aftermarket in Autumn 2015.

The sensor not only complements the existing T-Pro™ by boosting the T-Pro™ range over to 93%*, but is also gauged to be the best-selling aftermarket TPM sensor currently available.

This comes as no surprise taking into account the success of the T-Pro™ and the fact that the T-Pro2™ encompasses further add-on coverage to its predecessor, covering groups such as BMW, Nissan, Land Rover, Jaguar and Subaru, as well numerous other vehicle groups that are not found in other aftermarket sensors.

Manufactured using only the highest quality components, the T-Pro2™ comprises of the Maxell battery (as used in all OE sensors applications), the Freescale chip enabling a market leading 2-3 second configuration time that is ten times faster than all other programmable sensors, and a new lighter, stronger housing.

We strongly believe that a main selling point of the T-Pro2™ is that the distributors and Tyre Bays alike will no longer need to have money tied up in unnecessary inventory. They need but only one brand of sensor: the T-Pro™.

Please Note: Stocks of the first batch of T-Pro2™ sensors are due to be delivered in October 2015, but please take into consideration that there will be limited stock available.

(*Based on the number of unique European vehicle types fitted with a Direct TPM system)

Source: Press Release / Product News

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