Leading alloy wheel distributor Wheelwright have expanded their product range as a nominated wholesaler of the ATEQ range of TPMS trigger and programming units; and the widely-praised universal, programmable T-Pro sensor.

New legislation requires all existing passenger cars registered in the EU from November 2012 to have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System installed, and every new car from January 2014. All new vehicles registered from 1st November 2012 fitted with the system will have their TPMS tested as part of their MOT. The EU legislation states:

“Vehicles in categories M shall be equipped with an accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System capable of giving, when necessary, an in-car warning to the driver when a loss of pressure occurs in any tyre, which is in the interests of optimum fuel consumption and road safety. Appropriate limits in the technical specifications shall be set to achieve this, which shall furthermore allow for a technology-neutral and cost-effective approach in the development of accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.”

Wheelwright have been developing a complete TPMS solution for a number of years, working with leading manufacturers of trigger units and sensors, from industry leaders ATEQ, Tech, Schrader, Huf, and T-Pro. Their all-encompassing TPMS solutions for aftermarket and OE sensors includes service parts, workshop and diagnostic tools and starter packages, giving tyrebays, MOT stations, wheel specialists and motor factors an easy route to embrace the new legislation.

Due to the imminent update to EU legislation it is essential for tyre bays and industry professionals to be able to diagnose TPMS faults and eradicate them in an accurate, effortless practice. It is due to these factors that it is very difficult to ignore the absolute necessity that is the ATEQ VT56, Wheelwright’s lead tool. This ‘futureproof’ diagnostic tool is fully updateable and is carefully designed to accurately activate all known TPMS sensors and is capable of transferring data via the OBDII connector to reset the vehicle ECU and turn off the TPMS light – ensuring an MOT pass.

Wheelwright have partnered with a leading supplier to work alongside TPMS world leaders ATEQ, specialising in tools for both assembly lines and tyre repair shops. The newly developed VT56 is fully expected to create a new chapter in diagnostic tool development and it is no surprise that this tool will activate sensors from all major manufacturers; all known programmable sensors; and provide a dated history file for all data received. This data can also be clearly printed using the attachable docking cradle with thermal printer. The ease of use is unrivalled, opting for a simple to use 8 soft-key design and a colour 4.3” icon driven display. Every design feature is selected to provide a faster, more accurate and indispensable product for any tyre bay. Although filled with tech, this tool is also robust and features a rubber buffer surrounding the device to help alleviate damage from the occasional heavy-hand.

It can be difficult to predict this incipient market, however Wheelwright believe the new T-Pro sensor will be paramount to the ease of integration and success of TPMS across the UK. The sensor is pre-configured with all the protocols required, meaning they simply need to be ‘activated’, allowing this sensor to be triggered in as little as 8 seconds; this is over twice as fast as other available programmable sensors saving substantial time and money. The sensors are produced in both snap-in and bolt-in variants and due to the extensive vehicle coverage this eradicates the need to stock large volumes of alternate parts when one incorporates them all. The T-PRO will be imperative in the Automotive sector.

Sales and Marketing Manager, and TPMS specialist James Gray explained: “The ATEQ VT56 and T-Pro sensors give us a genuine ‘futureproof’ solution. We have listened to early noises from customers regarding TPMS, and in a similar vein to the alloy wheel market, simplicity and multi-application is key. Many customers tend to fear the introduction of new technologies, our solution is genuinely the most simple to use, whilst being the most powerful – it is also fully updateable, so as the car park evolves, so will the VT56.”

James continues: “We’ve already secured a contract with one of the largest pan-european tyrebays/service stations, who have entrusted us to service their TPMS needs; and we are excited by the prospect of more franchises and independents coming on board. We have a dedicated TPMS support hotline; website support; training videos; and are confident we can meet the demands of this ever growing market. The possibilities for profit generation are scalable – not only can you scan and replace sensors at a cost, but servicing existing sensors (valve stems, cores, grommets et al) using our Torq Tool Kit & Service Parts can also generate income.”

The ATEQ VT56 and TPMS Starter Kits are available now from Wheelwright, via their TPMS hotline 01634 380006, and dealers can use their online vehicle look up to search for sensors and serviceable parts at www.wheelwright.co.uk/dealer.

Wheelwright have nominated the VT56 as their TPMS toolWheelwright TPMS TPro Universal Sensors and Service Kits


For more info & images: James Gray, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Wheelwright LTD
+44(0)1634 380006

Source: Press Release / Product News

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