Although demand in the winter tyre market in the UK has been fickle and fluctuating over the past 5 years, leading wheel supplier Wheelwright strongly believe in the continual development of their winter programme, demonstrated in the release of a new winter alloy wheel addition to their 2014 collection, dubbed “Tålig”.

The Wheelwright design team are consistently working to develop wheel solutions in an ever-fragmented marketplace. This addition to the 2014/15 winter wheel programme is no exception to this rule, with the brand new Tålig offering a simple, robust solution for use in colder months (October – March). The Tålig’s apt nomenclature is derived from its quintessentially Scandinavian traits (Tålig is Swedish for “durable”), and gives a particular nod to the robustness necessary in winter conditions, for which it is destined.

Although the UK winter tyre market has shown cyclical decline, with winter tyre purchases in the 2014 winter season approximately 1.6% down in unit volume on the previous period (according to Market Research group GfK Panelmarket), sales & marketing manager James Gray stands by Wheelwright’s decision to continually develop their winter portfolio: “The UK is still a relatively ‘young’ winter market – due to a lack of legislative pressure to change to winter tyres between October and March (as enforced in much of mainland Europe), these fluctuations are inevitably controlled by the mindset of the marketplace and (as the UK famously love), the weather. The UK motorist is currently in a rather ‘reactive’ mindset, as opposed to ‘preventative’ when it come to winter motoring – when we have a cold snap, especially flurries of snow, we see a marked increase in demand for winter wheel & tyre packages.”

Wheelwright Winter Wheels & Tyres 2014

Wheelwright have been spearheading the wholesale of bolt-on ‘winter wheel and tyre’ packages for over 3 years now, and have experienced fluctuating sales based purely on the harshness of the winter that year. James continued: “We are looking at educating the market about the safety and performance benefits; whilst offering value for money. If we are to believe that the UK is on the cusp of leaving the long period of financial instability and recession, offering a genuine reason for spending disposable income on winter motoring products becomes evermore important. People are steadily waking up to the safety and performance benefits of winter tyres – you wouldn’t choose to wear flip flops in the snow when you could wear boots, so why drive on the wrong tyre compound? This is why we have expanded our alloy programme with the new Tålig wheel, offering the more discerning customer, concerned with both aesthetics and safety/performance in winter, an inexpensive option priced between our affordable German-made Alcar Stahlrad steel wheels and Dezent RE winter alloy wheels.”

The Tålig has been developed with a cross-marque plan in mind, aimed at offering a simple, OEM-styled replacement for ‘summer alloys’ which will not look out of place on any vehicle in the car park. The simple, silver, 5-spoke design is manufactured to stand up to the tests of winter motoring, including the extra debris and moisture on the roads as well as aggressive road salts. Since 2010, Wheelwright have been widely perceived to be market leaders for winter wheel products in the UK, promoting the usage of winter wheels and tyres in temperatures below 7°c. When coupled with a winter tyre, the new Tålig winter wheel offers a truly affordable bolt-on solution to protect motorist’s ‘summer’/oem alloy wheel investment.

Talig Winter Wheels & Tyres 2014

Available in 7.0×16” and 7.5×17” sizes, in a wide range of five stud PCDs: 5×100, 5×108, 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×120. Initial stocks of the Tålig design are set to arrive in September ready for the winter season. Prices are set to start from £69(SRP) per wheel for this new winter design, making operating a second set of ‘winter wheels’ more affordable than ever before. Check out our Winter Wheel & Tyres in action as they get thrashed on the ice and snow…

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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