Winter Wheels and Tyres

Are you prepared for Winter?

Wheelwright evolve their winter wheel & tyre proposition once again with new Calibre Pace alloy wheel & TPMS compatibility throughout.

Already leading the way as the UK’s favourite alloy and steel wheel distributor, with a portfolio including UK brands Calibre & DRC, alongside German owned AEZ, Dotz & Dezent and Italian designs from Mak, we are well poised once again to offer the most complete winter wheel and tyre solution for the UK market.

We already boast over 90% car park coverage with their range of affordable, German-made steel wheels (based on exact OEM drawings), and versatile, easy-to-clean alloy options. This year, their alloy solutions include the brand new Calibre Pace – a simple 5-spoke design with classic silver finish. However, they have evolved their programme once again this year with their comprehensive range of TPMS products, falling in line with the ever-changing landscape of wheel and tyre legislation.

Calibre Pace Alloy Wheel

All Wheelwright’s alloy and steel wheels are “TPMS-fit”, accepting the OEM and aftermarket TPMS sensor valves, and the firm has added an all-encompassing range of TPMS solutions to ensure retailers can offer a set of winter (or second) wheels and tyres to their customer without affecting the functionality of the tyre pressure monitoring system on the vehicle.


Steel Wheel Coverage


TPMS Coverage

Steel Wheel Parts

General Manager, and TPMS specialist, James Gray explained the benefits of embracing this new range of products: “Around a year ago, TPMS was something to be concerned about. Now, tyre bays, wheel specialists and service centres see it as a genuine opportunity to add value to their customer experience and, ultimately, their bottom line. The product range has developed rapidly in the past couple of years as TPMS products have become a mandatory addition to the car park; whilst the need to be versatile has led to the well-evolved product range we see today. We’re really happy to have aligned ourselves with some of the leading suppliers of OEM sensors such as Schrader, Huf and Continental, whilst choosing the Ateq range of programming tools and T-Pro range of universal/programmable sensors to give us the ultimate car park coverage. With this system, we can supply an affordable package of winter wheel plus winter tyre plus TPMS sensors, ready to bolt to the vehicle. Whilst it has been shown that the growth in tyres marketed as ‘all season’ may have a negative impact on winter tyre sales, TPMS parts need to be changed or serviced every time the bead is broken, meaning there are real, scalable opportunities within the TPMS sector.”

Wheelwright are a nominated supplier of Schrader, Huf, Continental and T-Pro sensors – all of which can be programmed by their “futureproof” Ateq VT56 diagnostics and programming tool, meaning retailers can simply stock their choice of programmable sensor and use the VT56 to set the vehicle and perform the relearn.

Having already supplied one of the UK’s largest national tyre & service bays with their device, consumers can be assured their purchase of winter wheel and tyres can be serviced at a nearby geographic location. James continues: “Winter is going to be the first time we really see an influx of TPMS enquiries – customers will be changing to their winter wheels and the dreaded TPMS warning light will inevitably appear on the dashboard unless their wheels have the correct sensors installed. We have some affordable start-up packages for wheel & tyre retailers to be able to embrace this change and instantly ‘buy in’ to delivering TPMS to their customers; and have made our Steel and Alloy Wheel pricing even more competitive this year to ensure all our packages remain the most competitive on the market today.”

Winter Wheels, Tyres & TPMS

Steel Wheels

Our range of steel wheels, with over 90% of the UK Car Park covered, are manufactured to the exact OEM specification, meaning you know they are a hassle-free plug & play solution, ideal for winter use.

Winter Alloy Wheels

Our range of alloy wheels, suitable for winter use, feature solid painted finishes (avoiding polished finishes helps the longevity of the wheel in the harsh winter conditions) and some also feature the patented SR3 Salt Resistant Coating.

TPMS Sensors

Our range of programmable or OEM TPMS sensors ensures your set of winter wheels and tyres are compliant. If your vehicle has TPMS and you do not fit your new set of wheels with sensors, you will have a non-functioning TPMS system.

Steel Wheels for Winter Use
Winter alloy wheels
Winter alloy wheels with TPMS

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