MAK adds a new size to MAK Rennen: starting from July 2014 the Porsche dedicated wheel will be available also in the new 20’’ size. This application has been created specifically for the new SUV model Porsche Macan.

MAK, the Italian brand leader in alloy wheel design, proposes MAK Rennen to Porsche drivers giving the possibility to customise their car maintaining the original hub caps and the original Porsche nuts and bolts. MAK Rennen shows a style in perfect harmony with the requirements and the desire of people keen on Porsche brand: the wheel is fashionable, elegant or sporty, depending on each finishing, able to typify any car in a very peculiar way.

MAK Rennen design consists of 10 doubled thin and tapered spokes. They are separated by an asymmetrical fork with sharp edges, giving the wheel a forged look. Spokes connect to the external rim thanks to a double joint, which is very sharp and slender. The double junction joins the rim on its surface first, and then on another rim which is behind the face of the wheel. This second joint makes the wheel stronger since it has to bear high-powered cars weight that stress components like wheels and tyres while driving.

MAK Rennen is homologated by the KBA strict tests, the German Ministry of Transport, recognized all over the world as the best authority in terms of quality and safety in the alloy wheels production. This certification is recognisable by the KBA sign and by an identification number impressed on every wheels.

MAK Rennen size range is the same for Silver version, perfect for those who desire a classic and soft personalization for their cars, for Matt Black one – developed for a stronger tuning – and for the Ice Black as well, more fashionable, of course, thanks to the diamond-finishing on the surface of the spokes: 8J18”, 9J18”, 11J18”, 8,5J19”, 9,5J19”, 11J19” and the new 20’’.

MAK Rennen for Macan – Facts & Figures:
Sizes: 18″, 19″, 20″
Finishes: Black/Polished.
Construction: One-piece, Cast

Mak Rennen Porsche Macan Alloy Wheel

For More Info/Contact:
UK: James Gray, Marketing Manager, Wheelwright LTD.
Tel: +44(0)1622713806

Source: Press Release / Product News

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