IMI Accredited TPMS Training now available from Wheelwright & TyreSure

What is IMI-Accredited TPMS Training? 

As TPMS specialists, we have embraced the subject, it’s products and services since 2011, building a fantastic base of knowledge which only 6+ years of experience can deliver. Thankfully, the team at TyreSure (our TPMS partner) have devised a concise, hands-on TPMS training programme to help bring wheel & tyre retailers, MOT bays and service centres up to speed on an increasingly popular topic. The first of its kind to be accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) in the UK, this training provides a comprehensive overview of TPMS and is the most in-depth course.

Covering a broad range of TPMS-related topics, this course is held in full-day sessions within small groups, and involves both theoretical and practical learning methods. Participants will gain hands-on experience fitting and removing sensors, as well as servicing valves in a workshop environment, and will receive an IMI certificate upon completion.

TPMS Training topics include:

  • A general introduction to TPMS including Direct vs. Indirect systems
  • TPMS warning lights, highline and lowline systems
  • Different sensor types – OE and Aftermarket
  • The importance of servicing valves, and how to service correctly
  • Relearn procedures, and the differences between the types available
  • Best practices for fitting, removing and re-programming sensors
  • Diagnostic and Workshop tools
  • Steps and guidelines for how to work with TPMS as a business (and increase profits)

Course length: Full-day, with breaks and a complimentary lunch included.

Price: £295pp

Prior experience fitting and removing tyres would be beneficial, but is not required.

For any questions about this course, to request further information, or to book, please contact James Gray, our TPMS Specialist, on 01634 576657 or

You can find out more about our range of TPMS products and services here and be confident in the knowledge that our friendly support team are always on hand to help with any TPMS situations you come across.

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