Dotz Alloy Wheels

Dotz Drift 1 – The Break In

Dotz Drift 1 in full attack with 20″ Dotz SP5 Alloy Wheels

Crime of passion: Drift champion Dominic Tiroch dives into a world of darkness just like in the classic movie “Tron”. Epic drifts, spectacular speeds and lightning-fast turns – attacking the course in the DD1.

In the beginning, there was a man and the car of his desire: The DD1 BMW E92 – a unique automobile, an absolute visual treat. And what’s more, fitted with DOTZ SP5 20-inch alloy rims that stand out seductively in a devilish red which is further enhanced by the staggered fitment. Adding the Prior Wide Body Kit gives the car 16 cm more width while the finish completes the masterpiece.

Watch the video here:

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The tension is rising. A throbbing sound is sending tremors through the warehouse bricks of the Dotz site in Hirtenberg. Without a moment’s hesitation, the hunt through the company premises begins.

Thanks to our project partners:
Spies Hecker –
Vredestein –
Magna Tuning –
Hotrod Hangar –
Remus Exhaust –

Music & sound design: Matthias Müller
Produced by: Fabian Kluhs & ZWUPP

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Dotz Drift 1 BMW e92 SP5 Alloy Wheels

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