2013 has been a fantastic year at Wheelwright – we’ve proudly delivered our most comprehensive programme yet and, although our alloy wheel range is updated every March (with new additions through the year), we thought this was the perfect time to review the 2013 programme and look forward to what’s in store for 2014.

Wheelwright supplies four key brands into the UK – Calibre, AEZ, Dezent and Dotz. In 2012, we noticed an ever-developing trend of Original Equipment or OEM styling taking the fore – this, coupled with a number of less scrupulous suppliers being hit with penalties for offering replica alloy wheels, led us to develop our fifth brand – DRC – Deutsche Räder Co, offering customers affordable OEM styling for BMW, Mercedes and Audi, without having to invest in potentially dangerous, sub-standard, illegal alloy wheel designs from replica suppliers. The brand was received with high praise, gaining some fantastic exposure in trade and commercial press alike. We actually launched the brand in 2012 as a mid-season introduction, and have been incredibly happy to see how it has developed into it’s own fully fledged programme for 2013. In 2014, the range is set to expand with the addition of two brand new designs and multiple finish variations in our increasingly in demand DMG, DMB and DRM.

So, the addition of DRC expanded the collection to 5 alloy wheel brands. But 2013 had more in store as Italian alloy wheel goliaths MAK forged a new partnership with us as their UK distributor. Offering a premium, Italian collection for a wide range of cars, SUVs and 4x4s, including a selection of vehicle specific, dedicated wheels, we welcomed the addition to our programme and, once again, received excellent press coverage to announce the arrival of MAK at Wheelwright. A number of customers bought in to the high quality production and excellent range of fitments, such as the MAK Rennen for Porsche, offering excellent caliper clearance and an enhanced style to the wheels. We hope to continue this relationship and will be adding the MAK range to our website in March. For now, you can check out the MAK range on the official UK Facebook Page here.

The Calibre brand was developed in 2009 to encapsulate everything the UK market demanded, which may not have been supplied in amongst the plethora of designs from our European programme. Retro, Nu-Cool, Contemporary and Utility designs were at the backbone of the range. Now fully established as one of the UK’s favourite alloy wheel brands, Calibre grew and developed once again in 2013. The addition of a deep concave 5-spoke in the form of the CC-V; the super-fly CR-3; and the dub-tastic CC-X as well as new finishes to a number of contemporary and utility designs made this the most comprehensive Calibre collection to date. This is set to continue into 2014 with some really exciting new niche’s being explored – watch this space (it’s all up our sleeve and to be revealed in March 2014!) – needless to say, you won’t be disappointed!

Our German-produced designs from Dezent, AEZ and Dotz did not disappoint either. In 2013, we supplied the UK with a wide range of new designs from these european powerhouse brands, including the new Dotz Fast Fifteen; AEZ Genua; and, as late additions in 2013, the Dezent range expanded to add four new winter wheels in the form of the TB, TC, TD, and TE. There are some stunning new additions across these brands to feature in the new year and we’re already busy trying to cram them all in to our new 2014 catalogue, which is set to launch in March!

Internally, we have had a number of changes within the Wheelwright Team, including the addition of a number of new faces. Liam joined the Marketing Team to help us continue to raise awareness of our products in the marketplace; Thierry and Luc joined the Sales Team, helping us continue to deliver the best customer service of any alloy wheel supplier in the UK; and Dave returned to the roads as our Business Development Manager for the South and Ireland after a brief stint in the wilderness away from the company (see, we can’t be that bad to work for after all!). As you know, we also relocated in this time last year and we’re eternally grateful for your patience earlier in the year whilst we got settled in to the new location – we’re not planning on moving again too soon…

So, an exciting 2013 to look back on and an even-more exciting 2014 to look forward to! We’re very proud to continue working with our network of approved retail partners in the UK and in Europe and wish everyone, retailers and consumers alike a very happy and prosperous new year.

Happy New Year

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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