As 2013 comes to an end we look back on what Calibre Alloy Wheels have gone into our top ten. What is your top ten? Has your Calibre Alloy Wheel made the cut?

10- Calibre CR-3

The Calibre CR-3 has been a poster wheel for Calibre all over the Internet. With some great pictures on an Ibiza it has become widely known as the ‘marmite wheel’. Part of Calibres Retro Range the polished 3 spoke wheel drops into a mirrored polished dish. Comes in 8×18” and 9×18”.

Calibre CR-3Seat Ibiza with CR-3s

9 – Calibre Terrain

Calibre Terrain enters in at 9. A robust 4×4 wheel is available in many popular sizes. Built for strength and its concave spokes it’s a great look alloy yet built to take in the humps and bumps you find while driving off-road.

Calibre VoyageCalibre Voyage on a Customers Car

8 – Askari

Coming into its own this year the brilliant VAG-styled wheel has black finished cross-wire/ multispokes with a deep polished dish. Again cross-drilled in some fitments and coming in 7×17 and 7.5×18 it is no wonder why the Askari didn’t rank any higher.

Calibre Askari Wheel ImageCalibre Askari on a Renault

7 – Voyage

In what some could say was Year of the Van Wheel the Voyage really shone through becoming one of the most popular T5 wheels this year. Load rated and ready for any road trips you have planned. Either in Black and Polished or in a Premium Polish finish the 6 sturdy spokes comes in 20” that will sit perfectly under your T5 or Vivaro.

Calibre Voyage Wheel ImageCAlibre Voyage

6 – Exile

Also a very popular Van wheel its no wonder its reached the top 5. Showing that this year alloy wheels for T5’s have taken a huge boost the Calibre Exile just nudges past the Voyage. Load rated and finished in Black/Polished the Exile has won the battle of the vans in 2013.

Calibre Exile Wheel ImageCalibre Exile on Renault

5 – Altus

The top scoring Alloy Wheel for SUVs like the Range Rover Sport and the BMW X5 has reached number 4 in the Calibre charts. Not only is it available for SUVs the fitments as allow it on the BMW 1-series and Golf GTI. Finished in a Matte Polish, Matte Black and Black with a polished face.

Calibre AltusCalibre Altus

4 – Vintage

Another big hit across the Internet including pictures of the Corsa Brothers below all over forums and facebook groups. The Calibre Vintage has been a very popular wheel this year and we are surprised it hasn’t topped higher in the charts! But in the top 4 is a good achievement for this retro classic. With the added bonus that they come in blanks for a specific PCD it is no wonder this has sold so well over 2013.

Calibre Vintage Wheel ImageCalibre Vintage on Vauxhall Corsa

3 – Rapide

In at 3 is the Calibre Rapide. It proved it self in 2012 and it still is in 2013. Reaching the top 3 with its track inspired design and cross/multi-drilled in some fitments we are expecting it to still be a contender in 2014. Matte Black finish has been seen on our very own Marketing Manager James Gray on his Corsa D as seen below.

Calibre Rapide Wheel ImageCalibre Rapide on Vauxhall Corsa

2 – Motion II

Another Track inspired Alloy Wheel making the cut is the Motion II with its versatile and lightweight looks it comes in many finishes including the White with Blue pinstripe, Black and Red Pinstripe also the Silver. Will we see the Motion II in the same chart this time next year?

Calibre Motion IICalibre Motion II on a Car

1 – Panik

And in at number one it is……….. Our top-selling 5-Spoke design the Calibre Panik. Demonstrating Calibre’s commitment to quality and value for money it is available in two key sizes 6.5×15” and 7×17”.

Calibre Panik Wheel ImageCalibre

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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