Continuing the theme of our Winter Motoring Series on the Wheelwright Blog, we’ve been in touch with one particular customer who is taking Winter very seriously indeed – and rightfully so. As summer has ended rather abruptly here in the UK, our Winter Motoring Series looks towards the potentially perilous pitfalls of winter motoring, covering a wide range of aspects such as car preparation, driving techniques, and products which will help you be safer in the colder months. We’re not wishing the year away, but it always pays to be prepared in winter.

One customer taking heed of the winter message is long-time winter advocate Grace Fowkes of Jeff Fowkes Wheels Limited, who has embraced the European model of winter wheel and tyre programmes, by offering both fantastic products and service in the form of her Winter Wheel & Tyre Hotel and Spa. This option is available to all Jeff Fowkes Wheels winter tyre customers and incorporates:
• Storage available for wheels and tyres or just tyres.
• Secure, insured and documented storage.
• “Hassle free customer experience”, Grace takes care of everything: Why lug 4 heavy, wet wheels and tyres home when you can leave them behind?
• They’re charging just £35 per set (4 or 5) per season, inclusive of VAT.
• If you have wheels & tyres, the service includes free seasonal re-fitting, and they will also clean and protect the wheels before storage for summer or winter.

In addition to the Hotel experience, the additional Spa Treatments include:
• Alloy wheel refurbishment at exclusive winter customer prices.
• Valeting service: why not have your vehicle valeted when they re-fit your summer tyres.
• Air Con – re gas or problem diagnosis. Get your car re-gassed ready for summer and beat the mad heat wave rush! Discounted price.

Grace Fowkes - Winter Tyre ManagerGrace is geared up for winter

Grace, their dedicated Winter Tyre Manager explained a bit about the concept: “Our workshop is located in the village of Ibstock, Leicestershire. Being in and surrounded by village and country roads means our customers were often left stranded with the slightest sprinkle of snow. We launched our winter tyre program in 2009 and have had a fantastic success from then on. Our customers have chosen to fit winter tyres to a wide range of vehicles from Ford Fiesta’s and VW Polo’s to BMW’s and Audi’s. We have fitted a set of winter tyres to almost every vehicle, including Audi R8’s! Many Land Rover owners have also purchased a set, proving that even a 4×4 still benefits from the added grip winter tyres give. By offering a complete wheel and tyre program to all customers we can provide the perfect winter solution for motorists.”

Vredestein are their Winter Tyre PartnerWheelwright proud to supply winter wheels

Jeff Fowkes, owner and Director of the company reiterates the benefits of winter wheels & tyres: “The first time I drove on winter tyres I was stunned. Many years motor racing experience did not prepare me for the difference winter tyres made to my rear wheel drive BMW of which was dangerous following the slightest snowfall. I have had many years’ experience on being sideways but being in control of the vehicle , the BMW was sideways with standard summer tyres and I was not in control, the car went where it wanted and this was the opposite to where I wanted it to. The first time I drove on winter tyres I felt totally in control of the vehicle and even overtook a 4 wheel drive on a snow covered hill with no problems whatsoever. My wife was petrified to drive the car and now she will drive anywhere. I will continue to fit winter tyres to every vehicle I own and recommend them to customers.”

This is certainly a message we echo within the industry, and it’s refreshing to see our retail partners making the most of the opportunity to add a little extra customer service over the winter months. We’re proud to be supplying retailers, like Jeff Fowkes Wheels, with the best winter wheel solution on the market today – featuring 90%+ car park coverage with our range of winter alloy wheels such as the Dezent RE alongside vehicle specific, OEM spec winter steel wheels – and we are excited to be working alongside Grace on this project.

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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