Skoda, part of the Volkswagen Audi Group, have unveiled their latest wild creation (and PR stunt): the Man-Pram.

The luxury baby carrier, developed by Skoda’s Czech engineers, was designed to be the ultimate baby carrier, with wing mirrors, headlights, high-spec brakes and, most important of all, a set of 20″ Dotz Renegade alloy wheels featuring VRS centre caps. They tested out the 2m high VRS-pram in London’s Hyde Park, demonstrating that the luxury pram is ‘fit for a future king’.

Skoda Pram with Dotz Alloy WheelsDotz Renegade wheels with Skoda

The engineers were tasked with bringing car-like qualities to an everyday item – they chose the pram, and fitted all-terrain tyres to our 20″ Dotz Renegade alloy wheels, along with sports seat and hydraulic suspension. Check out the video below:

A survey of 1,000 dads showed that almost two thirds would spend more time behind the wheels of a buggy if they had a “more stylish model”. Although this attempt by Skoda looks pretty impressive, it is certainly not that practical for the average homeowner, seeing as it is almost big enough to require its own garage. Head of Marketing at Skoda UK, Heidi Cartledge, said: ‘We used it in the new Octavia vRS TV ad because we wanted to bring to life the idea of enhancing the performance of everyday objects.’

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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