The JD power Satisfaction Survey 2013

The results are in and some are more surprising than others. Jaguar heads the leader board for the second year running with Lexus and Honda shortly behind.

The JD survey, which is held in association with What Car? consists of 16,000 car owners in the UK, ranking their vehicles on over 60 different criteria. Examples are reliability, service, running cost and performance. The four main areas within the criteria are, vehicle appeal, quality, reliability and total owner cost. Participants of the survey had an average age of fifty years old and drove 340 million miles all together. 58 per cent were male and 42 female.

The victory of Jaguar has just come off the back of the successful launch of the new XF. Jaguar had praise all round with a overall business approval from every owner. Points were greatly gained within the customer service of all the dealerships, reliability and service centres.

Jaguar XFLexus RX

Shortly behind Jaguar was Lexus and Honda. Lexus drew points from their exceptional dealership service and reliability over all the range. Their highest placed car was the Lexus RX placed fourth overall in the Best car standings. That wasn’t the only success Lexus had within the JD survey they also topped the SUV table.

Hondas highest finisher was the Jazz coming it at sixth. The Skoda Superb and The Yeti beat the British Jag giving the Czech automobile fourth in overall standings.

HondaSkoda Superb

Not a good day for Chevrolet, they finished at the bottom in the Dealers table and their Chevrolet Spark finished last overall in solo cars.

Check bellow at the grid for the movers and non movers from last years JD power Satisfaction Survey

Top Ten Brands

<img src=”” alt=”Image courtesy of WhatCar –” title=”Courtesy of Whatcar”JD power Satisfaction Survey>

Infographic courtesy of What Car Online.

Top Ten Cars

<img src=”” alt=”Image courtesy of WhatCar –” title=”Courtesy of Whatcar”JD power Satisfaction Survey

Infographic courtesy of What Car Online.

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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