Drifting World Record Attempt

A stock BMW, an official BMW Driving Instructor and a very, very wet track makes for a good start for a World Record attempt. Situated in North Carolina, the BMW Performance Centre played host to the attempt of the Guinness Book of Records for the longest sustained drift. The car used was a standard BMW M5 with an optional dual-clutch gearbox.

BMW Drift Record car

Once the track was watered down to give it a helping hand, Johan Schwatz was off to try to break the record as part of their Charity Pro-Am. The previous record was set over in Dubai and did passed it with ease setting a new record of 51.278 miles to Dubai’s 47.7 miles. The only controversy professional driver **Vaughn Gittin JR had was that the drifting that has been done over the past 3 attempts at the record has technically been what most people call a donut. Only issue is that you cant drift a car in a straight line. Maybe the Guinness Book of Records needs to come up with a way in making it “Drifting” styled not a donut. In my own View as long as the car is sideways then that is technically drifting.

Dotz King Of Sideways

In other drifting news, DOTZ have realised some new footage of their recent stunt involving a not-so-stock BMW and an acrobatic flyer. Dotz is known for thinking outside of the box with their King of Sideways competitions.

BMW Drift KingRedbull Aeroplane

With their wide range of alloy wheels, Dotz are one of the best in the business for high performance rims. This includes the DOTZ Fast Fifteen Collection, and the DOTZ Fast Seven

The Dotz BMW has undergo major surgery. Starting off as a normal BMW E92 it was first given a new “Project name” under DD1. With the DOTZ Fast Fifteen Collection and a brand new camo paintwork it was already standing out. Next it was to the engine and a total revamp resulted in an E46 M3 Engine with a Rotrex superchargered, all together powering out 550HP. There is no wonder why they chose the Fast Fifteens for this high performance car.

Be sure to watch out for the full-length video coming out on the 23rd of May. Its set to be the battle of the year!

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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