The Wheelwright Team has been growing and developing in recent years, as we continue to strive to deliver the highest standards of customer service; logistics & distribution; excellent quality of product; and unrivalled value for money. We feel these ‘four pillars of excellence’ are embedded perfectly in our newest recruit. Or should that be re-recruit?

We are proud to announce that Dave McMillan has returned to the Wheelwright Team as Business Development Manager for the South and Ireland. He will be visiting retailers in those areas, delivering them with all the know-how, product and materials they require to continue delivering you, the consumer, the very best alloy wheels solutions on the market today. Previously a member of the Internal Sales Team at Wheelwright HQ, and after over a year away working in other industries, Dave has returned and will now be a roving representative for Calibre, AEZ, Dezent, Dotz and DRC.

Dave returns to a role with the company with a seemingly endless love for the company – he could even be seen mucking in during our rather epic relocation in December/January, prior to settling down at his new desk. He also has excellent product know-how. On his first day in the office, he was quizzed by fellow members of the team on the wide and varied PCDs, offsets, potential brake clearance issues and other alloy wheel fitment information; as well as the all-important question: “How do we all take our tea/coffee?”.

But seriously, Dave is a welcome addition to the team and is excited about visiting our retailers across the South, and Ireland. The new BDM said: “It’s great to be back. The 2012 programme is a great place to start, and I am really excited about the new designs I’ve seen for 2013. I’ll be based in the office for the first couple of weeks, getting stuck in to the order process and brushing up on product know-how; then I’ll be hitting the road. It’s going to be good to meet customers face-to-face, where I have only spoken to them on the phone previously. Get the kettle on guys!”

You can get hold of Dave in many ways. Apart from calling the office during this opening period (on 01622 713 800); you can also e-mail him here; and follow him for great product news and special offers at @wheelwrightdave. Here’s to a successful time at Wheelwright.

A welcome return for Dave McMillan, our new BDMA welcome return for Dave McMillan, our new BDM

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Source: Wheelwright Blog

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