Wheelwright has been a wholesale supplier of alloy wheels in the UK for over 30 years, surpassing all expectations in quality of product and customer service, working in the background for our network of retailers. For 2012, we made a move to become more visible to the end consumer – developing a more customer-friendly, end-user oriented website – it’s about time we came out of the shadows. This has incorporated our ground-breaking Shopatron System, which allos you, as a customer, to find your perfect wheels, order them online at the Wheelwright website, and have the order fulfilled by one of our fantastic nationwide retail partners.

We have seen a confident growth in the usage of our website as a shopping channel, and as this process continues to develop, we can now start to think of ways in which we can enrich the customer experience; primarily by giving you better prices across our fantastic range of alloy and steel wheels.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce our very first Black Friday – a day when prices on specific products are slashed – we cut the price available to our retailers, and they pass savings on to you!

For our inaugural Black Friday, we have chosen to offer discounts across all our Calibre Wheels which have a black finish to them. This includes prestige designs such as the stunning Calibre Altus, the powerful Calibre Potentia and the Calibre Excaliber; to the retro Calibre Vintage and contemporary Calibre Motion 2.

Alloy Wheels Black Friday Alloy Wheels Black Friday

Ask your retailer about these fantastic offers across the Calibre range, or enter your vehicle details on our site to see which of our alloy wheels are a suitable fit for your car or van.

Offers start at 9.00am and end at 5.00pm on Friday 23rd November – so take advantage of them while you can!

Retailers will receive the offer pricing at 6.00pm GMT on Thursday 22nd November, to ensure they can pass the savings on to their customers.

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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