We invited Facebook friend and Wheel Whore, Thomas Oldaker, to write an article about his Seat Ibiza and the seemingly never ending process of colour coding his Calibre Askari alloy wheels. Read about Thomas’ adventures here:

The journey began when I purchased this car brand-new back in August 2010 after selling my Seat Arosa. I loved the idea of doing something mad to a new car which nobody had done before. First on the list was to respray the interior which was colour coded to the car. I’d seen it done before and it was a cheap and easy thing to do with a brilliant results.

After this it was time to get some new shoes for the car. After a good month of searching I landed on this advert in Fast Car for Calibre Wheels, and then came across the Askari’s. I loved the fact they were a new wheel design in gloss black with a nice bit of dish on them with a chrome lip. As soon as they arrive I fell in love with them and they were sitting on the car in under an hour!

Next on the list was to debadge the front and rear to clean up the overall look of the car. The grill was ordered from Germany and I’m one of very few people who have them in Britain at the moment. After this black wing mirror covers came to match the wheels along with a bonnet bra and Apex 35mm lowering springs.
The car sat like this while I was thinking of the next step to take. While researching and searching the forums for inspiration I soon noticed that everybody and even Seat themselves had started to do the black wheels and wing mirrors combo on the MK5 Ibiza’s.

While I still loved the look of the wheels something mad was needed to set my car apart from all of the other MK5’s at GTI International which was coming up in the next couple of months. After toying with different colour combinations I decided on a Candy Pink, the same as the colour on the Wheel Whores logo which was on the front bumper of the car.

After a lot of speculation and hate toward the idea from family and friends, I took the plunge and started to prep and sand down the still pretty much brand-new Askari’s. However, as soon as the last coat of pink had been laid down I knew I had made the right choice of colour and although the combination of blue and pink was totally mad-looking, it somehow just ‘worked’!

Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza Pink

To go with the mad colour combination, I had some more small pink details elsewhere and a BMX and rusted barrel colour coded on the roof. The car at GTI International went down a treat and was constantly having pictures taken of it. It even ended up on a few Spanish websites. The car was then left like this while I was deciding what to do next with it. I had always toyed with the idea of creating a ‘Reformed’ Rat’ look on such a new car as it was guaranteed to cause a very split view of love/haters.

Colour Code Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza Gold

After some careful thought I was set on this look and the first thing to go was all the pink. So the stickers were taken off the car; and I set about getting the wheels reprepped and resprayed in a metallic gold.

Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza Gold Gold Calibre Askari Seat Ibiza

This is currently where I am with the build however there is so much more to come with air ride or hydraulics, rusted bonnets and other mad creative ideas so watch this space.

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-Thomas Oldaker-

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas for his contribution to our blog, and hope he continues to keep us updated on this awesome project car – well done Tom!

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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