Here’s a new Guest Blog from Pete Bunyan, Sales Executive at Wheelwright. Pete has been with the company for 7 years and is a well established and knowledgable member of the team here. He’s also earned his place as our Guest Blogger thanks to being knowledgable and passionate about 2-wheeled sports as well as alloys! Here’s Pete’s account of the stunning action from yesterday’s olympic action…

I decided last thing on Tuesday afternoon that I wanted to go and see the Men’s Olympic Time Trials in London the following day. Luckily work were fine with me taking the day off.

I had been to the Men’s Olympic Road Race at Boxhill a few days ago, and absolutely loved it, so thought I’d give the Time Trials a go. The day didn’t start off too well. After taking 3 hours to get to Hampton Court Palace, and finding a place at the front on the last roundabout into the final stretch, it became very overcast and proceeded to chuck it down, and there was still 3 hours until we would see the first time trialist! Luckily though the weather brightened up, and the crowds began to flock. Everyone was very friendly (forgoing the usual English reserve), and the anticipation started to heighten as the hours rolled by. As we were at the end of the circuit, it would take just under an hour for us to see the first cyclist come through after they had left the start line.

The time arrived and the first cyclist came through, and then one roughly every 2 minutes. The atmosphere was incredible, no matter what nation the cyclist was from the crowd clapped and cheered – spurring them on to complete the last kilometre. I was receiving regular updates on the progress of the top cyclists from a friend. News came through that the German – Tony Martin – was leading at the first split, up by 6 seconds, with Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome close behind.

Pete sees olympic Tony MartinPete sees olympic Cancellara

Unlucky for Sanchez (but lucky for us Brits) he had a chain brake, and then a tyre puncture, so one of the favourites was taken straight out of contention. Another favourite – defending Olympic Champion Cancellara – was also struggling following his bizarre crash in the Road Race a few days ago.
At the last split we then found that the tables had turned, and it was now Bradley Wiggins that was on course for Gold – ahead of Martin and Froome by 42 seconds – a huge margin on a circuit that is only 49km! The news filtered through to the crowd and all we wanted was to see our British hopes come past the roundabout that we were on, and finish the job off.

Froome was first to approach us. The cheering could be heard for over a kilometre up the road, then flags started waving, and the cheering turned into screaming as he raced past us in the aero tuck position. The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd’s reaction could be heard all the way to the finish line.
Tony Martin then came by – the current World Champion – and the crowd paid him a lot of respect, even though there was only one person we all wanted to see.

Wiggins Cycle Gold Medal Olympic

Almost instantly, Bradley Wiggins appeared on the roundabout – he had nearly closed the initial 90 second gap on Martin. The crowd turned hysterical! The support reached another level for the newly crowned Yellow Jersey holder of the Tour de France. His speed was noticeably faster than the previous 36 cyclists, and his cycling style was faultlessly smooth. It truly was a magical moment as we roared him on and off into the final stretch. The insanely packed trains, the downpour, and the hours of waiting all paled into insignificance as the crowd took in this amazing moment. Fabian Cancellara then came past but the race was already over.

The tens of thousands in the crowd began cheering, “WIGGO WIGGO WIGGO!” The boy that grew up in London – Bradley Wiggins – had just won Gold at the Olympic Time Trials, and became the most successful British Olympian ever, securing his 7th Medal. Incredible!

Wiggins Gold Medal OlympicWiggins celebrates

The day came to a perfect end as I was walking along the riverbank back towards the station. Crowds were gathering, trying to get a peak over an 8 foot wall around Hampton Court Palace. I soon found out that this is where the medals were being awarded on the podium. I ran over to the wall, got on my tiptoes, put the camera on full zoom, and blindly began snapping away. It was on the train home that I remembered this, and came across a picture of Wiggins, Martin and Froome, standing on the podium, each with their respective medals. A perfect end to a perfect day!

“Four Wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul” Pete Bunyan, Aug 1st 2012.

Pete Bunyan is a Sales Executive at Wheelwright with over 7 years experience. He helps inform your retailers with fitment and availability on our range of Alloy Wheels

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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