This week, we introduce Marshall Humberstone as our Guest Blogger. Marshall has joined the Wheelwright Team for a one week Work Experience placement, and we gave him the chance to contribute to our ever-growing Blog. He’s written this blog post explaining a bit about his work experience here at Wheelwright so far; his other post is a bit more traditionally automotive, and discusses the launch of two new small hatchbacks to the UK market – **read more here. **

Work Experience at Wheelwright

Monday 9th of July I’d just started work experience over at Wheelwright, tiring first morning though mainly just getting worked into it. I’ve been shown round the workplace, introduced to other members of staff; and informed of the health and safety risks of being in a warehouse filled with loads of extraordinary wheels.
So the first day was pretty smooth, relaxing but only really because I was getting worked into everything and seeing how hectic it could possibly be. Though it had nothing on my second day of work.

The Warehouse of WheelsWheelwright HQ

As it hit Tuesday I thought it would still be relatively relaxed: I was wrong! After about an hour of training, I was stuck right onto the phones, though the first call was relatively quick and easy, I soon felt the terrifying shock of listening to someone and not knowing what exactly they are after, not knowing what to say next! Shortly after I had “screwed up” a couple of times I was removed from the phones and then moved onto doing jobs that I could handle a bit more easily, such as posting, packing and then sending off everything necessary.

After getting my nerves shot on Tuesday, I was then getting stuck in to sending off huge promotional packs to some of our good Reps and some smaller packages to our customers, this pretty much filled up my day and kept me active, really helping out the company with the small jobs that can sometimes get forgotten and end up coming back to cause problems.

As it hit this morning (Thursday), I was quite relaxed now, getting more used to the things that went on in the day while being at Wheelwright, when I was enquired to compose a Blog by the Marketing Manager and Webmaster, James – hence I am now here.

All through the experience there has been quite a lot of help provided by each of the staff members at Wheelwright helping me get through the days and understand what has been going on!

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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