This week, we introduce Marshall Humberstone as our Guest Blogger. Marshall has joined the Wheelwright Team for a one week Work Experience placement, and we gave him the chance to contribute to our ever-growing Blog. He’s written two articles on our behalf, the first of which focusses on two new releases from two of Europe’s manufacturing powerhouses, in the guise of the Vauxhall Adam and Fiat 500L

Vauxhall Adam or Fiat 500L?

Vauxhall chairman, Duncan Aldred, is relying on the new Adam, with it being highly customisable and making it “cool”, to help with it selling at a rumoured £11,000 in January. It is said to be competition for the Fiat 500L though its size is more of the mini hatch being 3700mm in length compared to the mini’s 3723mm and the fiats 3546mm. It also resembles the Mini in such aspects as width where it is 1720mm whereas the mini is 1685mm and the Fiat is 1627mm.

Looking actually inside the car though, the Adam gets a decent 69bhp out of its 1.2 litre engine though it also has the option to have 2 other engines: both are 1.4 litre, though one of them gives out 86bhp; the other gives out 99bhp. Compared to the Fiat though, with the choice of 2 petrol engines, one giving out 94bhp and the other, twin air, giving out 104bhp these both are only 1.4 litre so prove to be stronger than the Adams engines and both come with a 6 speed gear box. It also has the option of a diesel engine which is 1.3 litres and gives out a moderate 84bhp with a 5 speed gear box. If you look at both cars, depending on whether you want to spend a little more for a more powerful engine inside a car that looks longer than it should be which could be due to the decent space in the boot then the fiat coming in at about £14,000 is probably the better choice.

The Fiat 500LThe Vauxhall Adam

Though if you find the more bug-like, cheaper and ‘originally’ named Adam to be more your thing then you would be quite pleased at the estimated £11,000 that, while isn’t as strong as the Fiat, it comes with a smaller engine which could lead to it being more fuel efficient saving you money in the long run though its efficiency hasn’t been revealed yet. The only downside to this vehicle is that the looks won’t really help you “pull” the women, it is short and in some ways, the split tone of the roof and body just makes it look like a mismatch. With the quad headlights, 2 being the LED daytime running lights, it can make the front of the car look quite distorted, to the point that there is actually too much going on – especially with the split mesh grate at the front. Over all though the car looks like it would suit people who want to try and look more intellectual in a smart car.

Contribution: Marshall Humberstone

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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