The Monday Morning Blog: How Four Letters have left people less prepared for winter roads.

“M”. Seems like a fairly non-offensive letter. No real malice. But when you add a few letters and create the word “mild”, it can actually cause a lot more harm than good. 

Weather reporters, both locally and nationally, have been using the word “mild” to describe temperatures at the moment – but, people often forget that they are just “mild for this time of year”. We are still wearing jumpers, coats and scarves and the temperatures are still regularly dipping below 7°C, the temperature at which roads become increasingly dangerous and grip on standard tyres decreases. 

Winter Tyres are not just for snow. When temperatures dip below 7°C, their compound offers substantially more grip on even the driest of winter roads – couple this with the fact that just one night of clear skies can lead to ground frost and greasy, slippery surfaces; and you double the need for Winter Tyres. 

Thankfully, a reminder has been given to us today, as Snow has fallen across Wales and the South-West today; raising awareness once again that it really pays to fit your vehicle with Winter Wheels & Tyres.

We are still supplying the industry with the most comprehensive range of Winter Wheel & Tyre packages, both in Steel and Alloy – and are awaiting another influx of calls regarding these products thanks to this new cold snap.

Call 01622 713800 for more information, or visit our website.

Source: Wheelwright Blog

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