AEZ unveils new SR3 Salt-Resistant alloy wheel coating in new microsite

AEZ Alloy Wheels
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AEZ LEICHTMETALLRÄDER are one of Europe’s undisputed kings of alloy wheels, and the Alcar Group’s flagship brand. Always synonymous with high quality alloy wheels, AEZ already come with a 3 year warranty and TÜV approval – but this year, they’ve ‘upped the ante’ by highlighting their wheel’s year-round performance ability, now featuring an aptly named SR3 coating – their Salt Resistant 3 Layer coating.

The microsite, found at features a selection of videos testing the wheels and is very usable, informative and interesting, all be it rather… well… cheesy! Very cheesy! BUT, that does not detract from the fact it clearly and intelligently demonstrates the quality and robustness of the AEZ wheel range thanks to its SR3 coating. The message certainly sticks, unlike the aggressive salts – there’s even a paintball gun involved at some stage, you really need to check it out!

“How well the alloy wheels are protected by the SR3 painting is revealed for example, by the salt spray test on a scratched surface in accordance with CASS and the fact that all paints are pre-tested for corrosion resistance by an independent, external lab in accordance with ECE-R124. The test is a 300h hell of stone chips, salt, acetic acid and copper chloride. 

As a next step, in order to check if the layers firmly adhere to the surface, the standard cross-cut test is performed. The surface is cut six times, forming parallel lines crossed at a right angle by another six. Now the surface is repeatedly coated with a brush to verify that the painting withstands the salt without flaking. In order to ensure that all the wheels of a series meet the high SR3 painting quality standards attained in those tests, every single product is visually inspected and the layers are measured.” 

You can also Win a set of AEZ Alloy Wheels on the site… another reason to take a peek. (Good luck!).

Wheelwright are the UK distributor for AEZ Alloy Wheels – check out which AEZ wheels fit your vehicle here.

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